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Olson Strategic Initiatives

Olson Strategic Initiatives is a practical think tank.
We believe problem solving requires deep strategic thinking
coupled with the practical action necessary to address the problem.
At OSI we develop the deep problem-solving strategy you need
and leave you with the practical steps to execute that strategy.
What's your team working on? We've got a strategy for you.
Internet security online business concep
 Community Safety for Schools
The U.S. Secret Service Analysis of Targeted School Violence concludes there is no attacker profile and most attackers were known to the school where the incident occurred.
Do you know what to look for? Is your child's school community safe enough? Violence is a mental health issue. Are you adequately prepared? We have a strategy.
Security Budget Planning

Are you a security director who never seems to get the budget you need to keep people safe?

Are you a finance officer who sees the security budget grow every year and wonders where the spend goes?

We have a strategy.

Files and Packages
Intelligence Center ROI

Did your company establish an intelligence or operations center in the last five years? Do you ever wonder if it's been worth it? Have you been able to determine the ROI?

We have a strategy.

Bespoke Strategies Available
What are you thinking about? What do you need to get done?
We have a strategy for that.
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